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2100 S Market St. Chattanooga, TN 37408 (423) 756-1500
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2100 S Market St., Chattanooga, TN 37408
Sales/Service/Parts (423) 756-1500

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Nissan Services For You

Our professionals here at Mountain View Nissan are here for you! We are here to help you customize a Nissan maintenance plan to suit your vehicle needs and help you stay on top of your vehicles needs with ease! All our services located in the Chattanooga area are driver-friendly priced and are completed with quality products, so get in touch with our team today! We look forward to hearing from you about your vehicle needs, ensuring it can run smoothly for many years to come.

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Nissan Part's and Service

At Mountain View Nissan, we understand that needing our repair services is never a pleasant thought, but we will do everything we can to make it the best experience possible for you. We'll walk you through the ins and outs, answer any questions you may have, and always offer you the greatest deals we have. Click here for our Service and Part offers.

Why Service with Mountain View Nissan?

Our Nissan staff will address all your service needs, and will work diligently to get your vehicle back to you in a timely manner. Get in touch with our Nissan team today to discuss your service and repair concerns; we'll provide you with the service information you're in need of and can get you scheduled for an appointment!

It is important to stay safe on the roads. We also know that our customers may have a non-Nissan vehicle as a second vehicle in the family. We are always happy to lend a helping hand to families who need us. Stop by and visit our dealership in Chattanooga, TN today.

We invite you to schedule a service near Collegedale, Tennessee. Our service department is happy to help you access your routine maintenance requests, such as:

  • Brake fluid flush
  • Battery diagnostics and replacements
  • Vehicle inspections
  • Windshield wiper blade services
  • Tire services and sales
  • Oil Change Replacements

The service department at Mountain View Nissan wants to see your vehicle thrive. If you're worried about the costs, you can always look at our service specials and ask our team about the price points. We are happy to work with you!

Have Questions? Ask Our Team!

The service department at Mountain View Nissan is happy to help you explore service options that might normally go amiss.

Sometimes people forget about the importance of brake pad replacements or alignments, so we do our best to remind you when you come in for more routine requests, such as oil changes. Ask our service team about our options now!

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